Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gijs Bakker at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

I spent the day yesterday in Philadelphia and had the opportunity to get to the Art Alliance and see the Gijs Bakker and Jewelry Exhibition. As they allow photography in the gallery I got several nice images of his work. Check out our Creatives Connect group on Flickr for all the images. If you click on my username (teeterkeil) it will take you to my Flickr page where you can click on the Art Alliance set. There, all the photos are in order as to the layout of the exhibit. (I also finally uploaded a few images from our trip to DC which are in a set labeled DC).

Theresa Keil

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Industrial Grade Diamonds

With Jan's permission, I have invited Lauren Schott visit our metalsmithing class this Thursday, probably at 10:00. She will have a selection of industrial grade diamonds, and she has agreed to sell some of them to us for the price she paid for them. Her email to me indicated that the price starts at $5 a carat. If you would like to incorporate a real diamond into your "Blood Diamonds" project, this class would be a good time to bring cash, and purchase an industrial grade diamond from her.

Megan Pase


If your investment is setting up too quickly- especially at the second vacuuming stage,
mix for 2-2-1/2 minutes at each stage rather than the 3 minutes. The 9-1/2 minutes is the total working time for the investment.

Weigh your models before investing!

Remove rubber bases when the investment has set-up so others can use them.

Happy Investing + Casting

Converting Grams to Ounces, Troy

To figure out how much bronze casting grain metal you need to order do the following:

weigh your model on the triple beam scale
the weight measurement will be in grams
multiply by .03215 to get the amount of metal needed in ounces, troy

When you order you will order in ounces, I believe.

I am posting a conversions chart in the casting area today or tomorrow.
The chart is from your textbook.

Order your bronze today if you don't already have it.
We will start casting on Thursday, wahhoooooo!